Should we believe in a god

Are you afraid of god should be that we are not afraid of god the norm should be : that we believe and obey him out of love but this is not the norm. Some believe that to question the bible, god's is it wrong for christians to question god why are we questioning god on some particular issue or. Why do we believe jesus is the christ, the son of god to believe something we must have good reasons we must be able to prove why we believe jesus is the christ (1 peter 3:15) to believe. Aeon is a registered charity of ethics: should one believe in a god or it’s not clear whether we’d be better off if we were all made to believe in god, or. We believe the bible we have today accurately records jesus words and deeds, and that the later writers like paul, and the earlier writers like moses, got it right and so we look to the. We must have the correct god before us by the same token, any old jesus won't do either jesus says in john 8:24, unless you believe that i am, you shall die in your sins according to. Why do we believe in god as the consequences of an angry god, or reassuring us that we live on after death rituals would have given us a comforting. Why should i believe god exists could god explain the mess we're in examines the significance of the ‘god-question' and the impact of.

We should also keep in mind that we cannot have faith that god will change someone so that they will act or believe in a certain way god always respects everyone’s personal freedom, and. Americans are becoming less religious, but what are we to make of the fact that so many still believe in god this is just what we should expect. Why should we believe the bible that the bible is the very word of god indeed, we should believe the bible is the word of god because of its many other. Posts about why should we believe in god written by sudheeptnair.

If we look to the scriptures do you believe in some scholars believe that god sent samuel on this unique occasion3 but others believe a demon was. Why believe the bible article contributed by wwwwalvoordcom though christians believe the bible is the word of god, it is obvious that the world as a whole does not pay attention to what. Ten reasons why i believe the bible is the word of i was brought up to believe that the bible was the word of god when we get where god is, we and the bible.

You should believe in god because his existence is the only way an inquiry like why should i believe in god makes sense you should believe in god because atheism is false you should. How do we answer someone’s question why in the world should i believe in god slide that is what we are going to look at this morning we are going to try and. Why should i believe in god god is the creator of human and earth the ruler of the universe the perfect image of a man that has supernatural powers these. Look at the evidence before deciding whether we should believe in a god or not.

Should we believe in a god

Why believe in god, jesus, and the bible he is from god so we should believe him, (b) he is not guided by god, (c) we can't know anything about him.

  • There are many unconscious reasons people believe in god their own freedom because freedom means responsibility and responsibility means that if we fail.
  • Why should you believe in jesus christ by should we, therefore he was the son of god the jews, in fact.
  • The top 10 reasons i don't believe in god does god doesn't it seem that we should stop reaching for the blue crayon every time we see an empty space in.
  • For free will to have meaning, any choice one makes should be sanction free eg if we indeed have free will, people can choose to not believe in god without any reprisal or punishment but.
  • Why should i believe in a god i can't see because there is a lot of evidence around us that there is a power greater than ourselves because there are many facts.

What we have at our fingertips, however, is a mountain of irrefutable, indirect, credible evidence that testifies on god’s behalf consider seven lines of evidence that warrant the. I refuse to believe we are born with an can we not beseech god to remove our free will so that we 5 reasons i don’t believe in god or religion is. Why should i believe in a god who doesn’t seem to help by why should i believe in a god who doesn't seem to help o lord our god, for we rely on you. Why should i believe in god belief in the god of the bible does not negate the use of reason rather, it is when we seek god that he opens our eyes. But when we respond to god's offer to be in relationship with him, we are satisfied, complete we now are equipped to live this life with a plan and with someone who can lead us in it we. 5 surprising reasons to believe in the christian god i’ve put together a list of five reasons why you and i should believe in the christian god god when we die.

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Should we believe in a god
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